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"A Hairy Experience"

In my earlier blog, "Happiness Is...", I talked about a 10 day challenge I was doing with Brad Bizjack relating to his Appreciation Academy. Little did I know what a whirlwind that would turn into for me...and my stylists! Because I drag them through EVERYTHING with me!

It started with his challenge to do something out-of-the-box, something that we were terrified of, and take a BIG leap. One of my "big leaps" was blogging. So I stepped up and stepped out and started this blog. My biggest concern was not having anything to say that was relevant, but I guess I have a lot to say...que the laughter.

After the challenge was finished, I decided to go onto his Appreciation Academy course. I am learning about myself, my weaknesses, strengths, what I want out of life. I am trying to learn how to appreciate all of the ups and downs that goes along with all of it. One day, I hope to be a real adult (maybe not, LOL).

Sometimes I think we miss out on the passion for life with all the routine of daily life. Brad's challenge to do something, BIG to shake things up has given me a new found zest in my work, my family, and my daily life. I find myself having all this energy, and it all that has to go somewhere.

My blog has absorbed some of this creative energy. It has kept me on my toes finding topics each week, as well as enough to say that can keep my readers interested. Not to mention giving me more ideas of things I want to experience. Which brings me to my next venture in effort to keep moving forward.

Drum roll please...

We are starting a PODCAST!!!!! It's called "A Hairy Experience". Our clients are always telling us we need to video things that happen, or things we laugh about, or that we need our own show. So here's to all of our clients that believe we are funny and think people would enjoy hearing all of our crazy conversations. I'm busting out of my box and starting this podcast about mine and other stylists experiences.

We are just starting to get our equipment, learn all the how-to's, and record our topics. So please bear with us. We will announce the launch when we get it perfect and everyone can give a listen and tell us what you think.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would bring me this much joy and fill me such excitement! I have always enjoyed learning new things, but usually contained myself to my skillset of Cosmetology. I now see how I kept myself in a "box" with thinking only in terms of being behind the chair. Life is full of unexpected experiences to learn from.

**To all of our clients....We promise not to divulge ANY secrets talked about in our "hairapist" sessions. But we would LOVE to have a few of you on our podcast to discuss some of your awesome stories you'd like to tell! Hint, hint. But we can discuss that when we know what we're doing.

Until next week...Happy reading and listening!

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