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🎄Christmas time is here! (And so is the cold weather)

The weather is so unpredictable this time of year. You just never know how to dress- layered? hat? T-shirt? Anyway you choose right now, you might feel by the end of the day, it was wrong.... it starts out warm then turns cold by the time you get out of work! But, this is still my favorite time of year, despite the crazy weather. I love Christmas! The decorations, the lights, the family gatherings, fun times with friends, and mostly because people are nicer! With all we've dealt with the last couple of years, it has definitely been hard on people, which could account for some people being complete turds. Which is why TikTok is full of "Karens". But that's not what this blog is about, so I won't go on a rant right now (even though I really want to get some stuff off my chest!).


This blog is about helping people gain more knowledge about their hair's issues, product knowledge, and maybe a laugh or two. With that in mind, I will tell you we have had a lot of clients lately complaining about static in their hair. Have you ever experienced this problem? If you haven't, then you know someone who has. Let me break it down for you... The reason for static in hair is due to several reasons. One- dry air inside your home from heat, and two- cold dry air outside, dehydrates your tresses. And most of us are bundling up with scarves, coats, and hats that can cause more static. What's a person to do?!

Well here's my two cents...To help in hydration, use products that have conditioning oils in them such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, argon oil, and shea butter to name a few, but there are others. It's good to start off with salon quality shampoo and conditioner. And NO, the grocery store stuff is NOT the same. In our salon, we like Keune, Joico, and Color Proof lines. You need a good foundation to keep your hair in optimal health. Next, we recommend using a leave-in conditioning spray to towel dried hair. Our favorite is Joico's K-Pal Color Therapy Luster Lock Spray. This product will instantly detangle, repair damage, moisturize, add strength, and protect the hair from heat styling. We also like Keune Care Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray. This detangler will add shine, softness, moisture and strengthen from the inside out. Both of these are light weight so you don't have to worry about them making your hair flat as long as you do not overuse.

Another way to help relieve static in your hair is to use certain styling products. Spray waxes, serums, and pomades are a good choice depending on your hair type and length. In the salon, I like to use a spray wax, like Keune Style Texture Spray Wax, Color Proof Texture Charge, or Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher. These will add texture to longer layered hair, or shorter hair used as a finishing product for that chunky/pieced look in pixie cuts. One down side is you do feel them in your hair, so if you're the type that puts you hands in your hair a lot or doesn't like the feel of products in your hair, then stay clear of the spray wax products. If you are that type, then try a serum. Keune Style Defrizz Serum is a light weight oil that will give you loads of shine and softness, but add some control over the static. Joico Color Therapy Luster Lock Oil is also a good choice. It will help with the static, create a load of shine, and protect from heat styling. If you like pomades better, then try Keune Style Shaping Fibers. This one smells absolutely fabulous! It has a great citrusy smell to it and has always been a big seller in our salon. Just a dab on your finger tips, rubbing your hands together, and running you hands down your styled hair will take care of the static for you. I have long hair and use this one, especially when I've curled or have a beach wavy style. I love the way it separates my hair giving it a lived-in look. And the smell... oh my.... have I mentioned the smell??? LOVE! As a matter of fact, all the products I mentioned have great scents. I am sensitive to some smells and can get migraines from them if too fragrant. But, my experience has been, the better the smell, the faster it sells! So I guess I'm not the only one that likes my hair to smell great! But, if you are sensitive to scents too, don't worry about any of the ones I have mentioned. All of them are lightly scented and usually go away soon after your wearing the product.

So there is the product review of our favs in the salon for controlling static in your hair. If you have any questions, you can always contact us here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or in our salon. Even if you aren't a client of ours, feel free to still ask us questions, give comments, or recommendations for future blogs. You can also discuss with your stylist about what would be a good choice for your hair's needs. He or she may have other recommendations from other product lines that they may have. Until next time...

We hope you have a wonderful, safe Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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